Charity Auctions: Four Facts For Your Consideration

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Charity Auctions are events arranged by various types of groups and organizations to raise money for a variety of needs and purposes. Most cases of charity auctions involve auctioning off items that have been donated either by group members or from the larger community the group or organization serves. After that, the cause that is supported by the auction will receive the proceeds. Here are facts you should know prior to planning a charity auction:

It was started by religious institutions

Various properties and estates were left behind by wealthy patrons and parishioners who died, that were often received through the first charity auctions organized by religious organizations in the 17th and 18th centuries. These houses would get sold through auction and the realized gain then credited to the accounts of the paris or alternatively be allocated to a food or housing program for the destitute. This practice was once considered to be religious, but it is accepted in today's society. Educational institutions, foundations and even social circles often hold very successful charity auctions.

Services can be featured in charity options

Many charity auctions now feature services which involves only the sale of products, unlike the earlier form of charity auctions. Charity auctions that include services encourage the participation of professionals such as celebrities, plumbers, gardeners, musicians, artists and many others. The proceeds from all of their work are for charity. One popular type of auction is a people auction, where folks bid on bachelors or bachelorettes. The bidder who willing to pay the highest price gets the chance to go on a date with the bachelor or bachelorette that they bid on.

There's no better, more enjoyable way to raise funds

Unlike other traditional money-making activities, charity auctions are more exciting since they encourage both the generosity and the participation of people who do not directly gain anything for their contribution. Charity auctions work by challenging the competitive spirit of people and are more fun than simply asking for monetary donations.

Charity auctions have are several formats and different bidding processes

There are several different ways a charity auction can take place. A popular format of auction that doesn't involve an auctioneer facilitating the bidding process out loud is called a silent auction. Writing their names and the amount they are willing to pay, is what guests of the do, once they look at displayed times and also once they find something that interests them, instead. The bidder who submits the highest amount will win the item. When the bidder isn't there, then the next highest bidder will get the service or the item. A live auction is another format and has an auctioneer in charge of introducing the various items, individuals or services up for auction. The bidding process is facilitated and the amounts of money involved are announced by the auctioneer. To ensure the a certain amount of funds will be raised, both silent and live auctions generally involve a minimum bid.

Participating in a charity auction helps raise fund for an organization or a cause and at the same time the participants too get some kind of benefit.
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Charity Auctions: Four Facts For Your Consideration

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This article was published on 2010/12/24