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Whenever I hear of doing charity I usually hear around some very old similar ways people take. Some friends of mine recently got involved in some volunteer work, planting trees as part of an ecological project. I respect the intention a lot, but I started wondering about this kind of work in relation with myself: Is this the best thing for me to do for charity? Is using a shovel the best I have to offer?

Lets look at some of the popular things to do for charity: planting trees, collecting garbage, handing-out flyers, building stuff and feeding people. They all involve a lot of hand work and a blue-collar type set of skills. Now lets look at the profile and skills of people who do things for charity: they are often smart, responsible, well educated, and financially stable. They have professional, white-collar type skills like accounting, sales, management, HR, training, PR etc.

Do you see an incompatibility here? These friends of mine Im talking about, they have some very good professional and people skills. But they do not involve digging, moving heavy stuff or working in the cold. Yet, like a lot of people who do things for charity, they opt for this kind of stuff, instead of something which is connected with their skills.

Why? This, to my perspective, is impractical. If the point of charity activities is to help others as much as you can, then it makes sense to choose things to do for charity which youre very good at.

There are more ways to be charitable rather than just whipping out your credit or debit card and making donations by phone, post, or online. In fact, there are many different ways in which you could help charities, and in some cases you could even help yourself at the same time. You can help friends, loved ones and all of these are forms of charity. Teaching someone a new skill for free or helping someone set up their website or with their C.V. Giving people the gift of your time is the greatest form of incognito charity.

Recently I saw news about a company who is involved in recycling cell phones and distributes them to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Survivors are able to use these cell phones to call 911, allowing immediate help at the touch of a button.
we all are aware of toxicity a cell phone cause to environment when an old cell phone is just dumped off for a new one .so being aware of that and having a notion to do charity, giving out our hand to such recycler companies for old cell phone donations, would indeed be the best and innovative way of helping both the environment and the people who need cell phones but could not afford it.

Doing things for charity is truly a skill if you do it in the right way, the efficient way. Then, youre truly helping the people in need to a great degree, instead of just doing stuff so you can feel good about yourself.
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Organizations as PaceButler are taking up Recycling cell phones programs send cell phones to developing countries, and also have the provision of sell cell phones for cash so if thinking to do a charity then just pick your worthy cause, fill the appropriate form, and mail the form and your phone to the address provided.

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Doing Charity The Cell Phone Way!

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This article was published on 2011/02/16