Making a Charity Donation Without Making a Hole in Your Finances

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When you think of The American Red Cross what comes to mind? People dressed as Santa collecting money outside Wal-Mart? These holiday Santas are a regular part of The American Red Cross Christmas fundraising process and raise a lot of money during the holidays. However do you think that holiday collections like this are enough to keep a large charity like The American Red Cross or Goodwill Industries working throughout the year? Of course not. This is just a drop in the ocean compared to what they need to keep doing their good work throughout the year.

Major charities require large amounts of money throughout the year and rely entirely on public contibutions. So what do they do? How do they raise such large sums of money? They largely depend on major contributions by individuals and businesses, either in cash or in some other way. But in this time of economic downturn, people are not as willing to hand out large amounts of money. Because of this, charities are becoming increasingly dependent on what they have termed alternative donations.

With the current financial climate causing many to hold onto their cash, these alternative donations are increasingly important in bringing in funds and supporting major charities. Alternative donations involve giving an item to charity, rather than money. For example, you can donate your car to charity. If this program were to be successful then charities would have many vehicle donations in the coming months, which will allow them to continue their essential work. If you donate your car you will definitely ensure that essential charity work will still go on. Of course, donating a car is not the only way to support a charity. Charities now accept all kinds of donations. Incredibly, some people have even chosen to donate boats to charities too.

Auto donations are becoming increasingly popular both with charities and the public. The advantage of donating a car is that you can claim a tax break on the value of the car. The value of the car is determined by the money raised by its sale. This is a great way to support your favourite charity and recieve a financial benefit as a reward.

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Making a Charity Donation Without Making a Hole in Your Finances

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This article was published on 2010/03/31